Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day Six (30 May 2016)

As the presentation was really near, tonight we had to work OT (over time) to prepare for the presentation to our mentors. And to our surprise, our ideas continue to flow despite being after official work hours. We guess this is what creative work is all about, having ideas generated at odd hours and getting the adrenaline rush to get work done!

The highlight of the day was the sharing by HR Director of Leo Digital Media, Ms Yang Hua. She is very amiable and asks us to address her as 桦姐. We had one hour of fruitful learning from asking questions regarding what corporation looks out for when they are doing recruitment and what are the qualities that a newbie should have.

We will be using the 3-2-1 Bridge MTV thinking routine to sum up our learning from her sharing.

Jervis Tan

3 things I have learnt from today’s sharing by Ms Yang Hua:
I have learnt that sometimes having the knowledge is not everything. Companies may not recruit you just because you have sufficient knowledge but more importantly, you must have a positive attitude. It is alright not to know everything but as long as we are willing to learn, we will be able to catch up on the lack of relevant knowledge and skills. Companies would want employees who are willing to learn and share, who are hardworking, able to communicate well and work together as a team.

Another point that I have learnt is that you need to build a good relationship with people so that we can help one another. However, it may be very difficult to please everyone so we should also focus on doing our job well. We should try to help out when it is within our ability and make an effort to spend more time to understand our colleagues better. We should not be afraid to contribute a little bit more as it also benefits us, making us grow professionally.

Last point that I have learnt and agree very much to is when we should not regret on the decision that we made earlier as at that moment, we have already made the choice. We should always take responsibility for our own decision because our decision was based on what we wanted on that point in time. We should always look forward to what is coming up rather than look back and grieve on what we had lost.

2 things I can apply to my current state as a student:
I should always give my 100% in whatever things I do so that the job will be well done and time and effort will not be wasted. For example, when we embark on a project, we can either give our 100% and do it once or give a 50% and end up redoing the project.

Another thing I can apply is always clarify when we are in doubt. We should not assume that we know how to do so that there will not be a miscommunication.

1 headline:

Justin Ow

3 things I have learnt from today’s sharing by Ms Yang Hua:
Today I learnt that finding a job has a lot of factors to take into consideration. We must equip ourselves with the relevant knowledge, skills and correct attitude and find a career that is a right fit with our interest and talent.

I also learnt that when we just enter the company, we should be willing to contribute more to display our enthusiasm for the job and also have the positive attitude at work. But when we are unable to cope, we should also have to learn to say no when necessary.

I also learnt that getting a job we really like and want to do is not easy and it requires quite a bit of trial and error to explore and discover my forte.

2 things I can apply to my current state as a student:
I can start thinking what course I would want to enter for my post-secondary education as this will affect what career I can take on in the near future. Knowing that, I will work harder towards achieving my goals on getting into the course.
I can also apply what I learnt on how to prepare for an interview when when I’m looking for a part-time job back in Singapore during the school holidays.

1 headline:
Learning tips on choosing the right job!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Day Five (29 May) - A Day Off

Today is our off-day!!

We had an enriching day learning about the creative industry in exhibition and convention planning and the history of Shanghai. We went to 上海风雨筑展览有限公司 (a leading Chinese enterprise that manages numerous exhibition within and outside China) and the Shanghai History Museum at the Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠).

The MTV menu of the day is... See-Think-Wonder

Reflections from Jeamne Lin
At the上海风雨筑展览有限公司,
I see…
that there are a lot of technology uses in the museum, such as LED, transparent screen and also touch screen.
I think…
they must have invested a lot of money in their company, as their company have a lot of different facilities such as, gym room, basketball court, tea bar, table tennis table as well as yoga room. And also one of the shareholder of the company is Yao Ming, we also saw his signature on one of the walls in the company.
I wonder…
how did the designers come out with such creative ideas using high technology.

At the Shanghai History Museum,
I see…
a lot of wax figures in the museum. There is a lot of rich history of the museum. For example, we saw how Shanghai undergo changes and development, how the infrastructures have also change as the years go by, like the designs of the buildings and how the mode of transportation has changed. And I also saw the real Oriental Pearl Tower, it was awe-inspiring as it was really tall.
I think…
that the Oriental Pearl Tower is a good place to host the museum exhibition as many tourists would visit the Pearl Tower, hence they will also visit the museum there as well. I think that the staff in the museum have preserved the exhibits well. We have learnt a lot on Shanghai history, as well as the Chinese culture.
I wonder…
how has the Chinese culture evolved over the years.

For dinner, we had the opportunity to board the cruise that cruises us along the Huangpu River (黄浦江).
I see…
a lot of tall buildings forming the Shanghai skyline when we were taking the cruise. Most of the buildings have LED on it, displaying messages and advertisements. I saw that the fog situation was quite bad, as such, we can’t really see the skyline far away when we were on the cruise.
I think…
陈董 (our Shanghai host) had put in a lot of effort to make arrangements for us to appreciate Shanghai in different ways. We are very grateful for the sumptuous lunch and dinner, as well as the opportunities to visit the two museums that were all arranged by 陈董.
I wonder…
what are the job scopes of the different staff on the cruise and what is the maximum number of the people the cruise can hold?

Reflections from Christabel Beh
Today’s events were really great to expose ourselves to the Chinese culture that was not found in Singapore.

The first museum we went uses technology to illustrate the different designs that are specially designed by the famous designers.
I see…
a super cute and futuristic robot after we’ve come out from the 5D theatre. It is orange in colour which is similar to BB-8 that knows how to converse with human. When we ask the robot to dance the Korean dance, it immediately played the Gangnam style song and the dance was so on point! The movement was exactly like PSY.
I think…
that this robot is not easy to make because it requires much effort to design the details and features.
I wonder…
what are the skills required to design the robot, how long they spend to and how many people are required to create this robot.

At the first level of the exhibition hall,
I see…
there were a few ancient artefacts that are very special because I have not seen them elsewhere in real life.
I think…
the museum team must have spent a lot of time and effort to have it displayed to the visitors.
I wonder…
how they maintain the appearance and condition of the artefacts.

The last museum that we visited was the Shanghai History Museum in the Pearl Tower is super cool because
I see…
displays and wax figures that represents people from the past, with a lot of replica items and some real artefacts.
I think…
It requires a lot of effort and money to make the entire museum interesting and a successful one that is able to reflect the past especially when it goes back all the way to the 1920s.
I wonder…
if they collaborate with other companies to get the wax figures done and how did they manage to make them look so real.

Day Four (28 May)

The teams are working well.  Everyone is in good spirit and enjoying the cool weather, as well as interacting at work.

The mentors are very willing to listen to the youth voices and value their views.  They want them to express their creativity freely.  We noticed the students were a bit shy so we got them to know that they must impress their mentor and work on interacting with them and take the initiative.  The students are know taking the initiative to approach the mentors and work with them.

The thinking routine used today is Colour, Symbol and Image (CSI).  The reflection from two of the participants are as follows:



I chose the colour green to represent my learning today as I feel that the colour green signifies something new.  I got to learn many new things today, ranging from things related to the Chinese culture to marketing ideas.  For symbol, I chose the infinity symbol to represent my learning today as I realise that there is never an end to learning no matter how experienced or how smart you are.  Finally, image, I feel that the lamp can be compared to how powerful is our learning when it comes to applying them in life. I also think Ironman accurately represent our ability to achieve our goals.



I chose the colour red because we have learnt a lot of knowledge today.  I am very excited that I had a chance to learn so much.  I chose the symbol ¥ because what we learnt today cannot use money to buy.  I chose this image because the phrase in the image said ‘best weapon of mankind is knowledge’, it shows that knowledge is very important, if you have knowledge there will be no difficulties for you.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Day Three (27 May 2016)

We continued working on our various projects at LEO Digital today.

And the menu for today’s MTV thinking routine is… Headlines

“Finally, we get to start work!”
Today, we finally get to start working on our assigned projects. We started with deciding on the marketing strategies and of course, creative promotion ideas we are going to implement based on the given scenario. Today we also got to interact more with our mentors. The mentors were very friendly and they took time off doing their work to come and help us now and then despite their project deadlines nearing. In addition, the mentors showed us a sample of a marketing proposal that they did. This helped us understand more about our tasks and also guided us in facilitating our ideas.

“Life without Google is surprisingly adaptable.”

Even though China has no access to Google, YouTube and the like, they have developed  platforms that are very similar to these search engines like youku and Baidu, just to name a few. For those who are used to Google, they will find it quite hard to use these search engines, especially if they are not good in the Chinese language. As my group and I was doing some research for our project, we realised that it was surprisingly hard to search for what we wanted to look for but we overcome it and are able to find what we needed using these new platforms.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Day Two (26 May 2016) - Worked Started

Everyone was really excited today.  Excited about starting work at LEO Digital, excited to meet our mentors, excited to know more about LEO Digital.

We had a super rich learning today from the presentation by the mentors on what advertisement is all about what are the approaches and follow-up actions when they receive the project brief from the client.  The team already started on ideation for actual business project from clients.

Today we will be using the thinking routine I used to think… Now I think…


I used to think that advertisements only promote one thing but now I think that there are many different type of advertisements to promote different things such as a brand or an object. I used to think that advertisement jobs do not need much thinking process but now I think that people working in the advertisement jobs does a lot of work on just creating the advertisement alone. I used to think that there is very limited area for advertisements to work on but now I think that there are many endless possibilities and ideas for us to promote an item or brand. After a day at job shadowing, I think that LEO Digital is a good place to work in.

Sze Leng
I used to think that the mentors would be very strict and it will be hard to communicate with them but now I think that they are very friendly and often try to make us talk by asking a question. I also used to think that the idea we have to come up with will have to be realistic but now I think that they actually encourages us to think out of the box and allow us to say what is on our mind because the mentors said that we don’t have to scared to speak up about ideas that are unrealistic or crazy. Overall, I think that LEO Digital have a fun and creative environment to work at so I look forward to learning more from them.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Day One (25 May 2016) - Shanghai, here we come!

The team was really excited!  For some, this is the first time we are going on a trip on our own.

During our stay in Shanghai, we will be using Making Thinking Visible (thinking routines) to guide our reflections.  Today we will be using 3-2-1 Bridge.

Day One was spent getting from Singapore to Shanghai, and settling in to our new home for the next few days.

This is what Belinda Liau had to say:

"Three things I have learnt today on my first day in Shanghai. Firstly, I learnt how airplane procedures work this means what you do on the airplane and the safety precautions that come along with it. Since this is my first time going overseas via an airplane it is really an eye opening experience. At first I was really worried when I got onto the plane my teachers and friends helped along the way. Secondly, I learnt that many people build their buildings based on the “feng shui”. “Feng shui” is believed to determine certain aspects of the place such as luck, fortune and overall energy level among the people there. Last but not least, while sightseeing and traveling around Shanghai I learnt that you have to keep a look out for your belongings at all times and your backpack must be carried in front of you for safety reasons. Unlike Singapore where we can just leave our belonging on a table and leave it there without worrying about it getting stolen. I personally think these are one of the many things that we take for granted in Singapore.

Two things I am excited about for this trip. Firstly, I am really excited about going to office and start work as this would be a first for me. I think learning new things would very exciting and would give me an insight of how working in an office feels like. Secondly, I would be excited about being exposed to a new culture. When I first arrived in Shanghai I was amazed at how different the culture was compared to the on in Singapore. I definitely look forward to learn more about the culture here in Shanghai.

One question I have would be, “which courses would be recommended to take if I wanted to join the e-commercial industry”. Since O levels are drawing nearer, I think this would a good opportunity to explore this field of work. Not only that e-commercial is a growing industry and the demand for it seems to have been growing bigger over the years.

Overall, this trip has been quite eye-opening and even though this is the first day of the trip I can already see how fortunate we are in Singapore. I hope to learn many more things for the days to come for this trip."

Charlene Toh also shared on her first day in Shanghai:

Firstly, today, when we were first told that we were travelling by an SQ plane, I was wondering why everyone made such a big fuss about travelling via SQ, so I was excited to experience what made it so special.  I am extremely grateful that the school gave us an opportunity to travel via such exquisite planes instead of going for budget airlines.

Secondly, when we drove into the Shanghai main district area, I did not expect the city to be so green and clean! There were so many pretty colourful flowers growing everywhere and there were many trees. It was cleaner and greener than I expect. However, it did look a bit foggy. To be honest, the multi-coloured flowers and green trees that line the streets of Shanghai look way prettier than Singapore streets.

Thirdly, I have learn that Shanghai people are very straightforward. You will need to boldly reject them. For example, today, when we went out together, the people on the street were
very pushy with the brochures and tried to make us take it. However, if you shook your head, they would stare at you offended. It was alright though; I can understand how they feel.  However, maybe if they smiled, more people would take their brochures.

Two things I’m excited about…Firstly, I’m excited to meet the mentors and learn from them. I’m excited to know their expectations from us and I’m curious to know if they can teach us well and if I’m able to understand them easily.

Secondly I’m also quite excited to know what they are all about and what they are going to let us work on. I hope that we don’t become too much of a burden to them. I hope we will be able to work professionally and keep things professional.

One question I have…How did they manage to grow the company so big?